Посмотрите статью, возможно вас заинтересует. Вкратце, есть экспериментальный силовой двигатель, которые _нарушает_ законы физики,
но при этом работает.

Его (двигатель) исследовали, изучали, но в итоге...цитата из ссылки выше

"Besides being tested horizontally in both directions on the torsion pendulum, the cavity was also set upwards as a "null" configuration. However, this vertical test intended to be the experimental control showed an anomalous thrust of hundreds of micronewtons that could be caused by a magnetic interaction with the power feeding lines going to and from liquid metal contacts in the setup.

This anomalous interaction was not fully understood. As a result, the authors conclude they can not confirm or refute claims about such a thruster and they recommend further investigation. They plan future experiments with better magnetic shielding, other vacuum tests and improved cavities with higher Q factors to increase thrust.

Eric W. Davis, a physicist at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, noted "The experiment is quite detailed but no theoretical account for momentum violation is given by Tajmar, which will cause peer reviews and technical journal editors to reject his paper should it be submitted to any of the peer-review physics and aerospace journals."

То есть тот факт что двигатель РАБОТАЕТ просто не принимается во внимание и любое обсуждение отвергается, только потому что автор РАБОТАЮЩЕГО двигателя, который нарушает законы физики, не может дать теоретическое обоснование.